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Vision, Mission, Values


"For every bereaved individual

to find the peace and comfort of God

through a loving, caring and dignified service"


We will respond promptly and be physically present with the family within 1-hour of their call 24-hrs a day

We will journey with the bereaved family through calm and experienced guidance

We will provide a comforting presence for the bereaved family 

We will arrange every funeral with thoughtfulness & care

We will minister to the living and serve the dead with love & dignity

We will care for each member of the team as a family



We do the right thing even if no one knows

This value is the foundation for the impact we want to make. Mistakes and errors are normal and we will extend graciousness for each member to learn and grow in their role. However, we are less tolerant on discretions of integrity because it is important that the team can trust each other without question, and that people we serve can have full assurance in us.


We continually refine our goals and potential

Each member has different strength and performance levels, this is normal. We simply believe that, regardless of the level you are performing today, you desire to learn and do it better tomorrow. We want a team that always pushes the boundaries of our potential to offer the best service for the people we serve.

We strive to provide an environment that inspires and empowers people to reach their full potential

As a company, we want to partner our employees in fulfilling their potential for excellence. Our goal is to inspire and provide the opportunities to venture out of their comfort zone and discover their potential. Whether it is advancement within the company, or moving on to other opportunities, we want each employee’s time with us to be a period of personal growth.


We acknowledge God as the owner of the business and provide opportunities for all to know Him

God is the owner of our company. Therefore, what we do and how we do things revolves around Him. No one in the company should be pressured to believe what we believe, but we will provide a greenhouse for all to have the opportunity to find out more and know Him personally.


We use our gifts and resources to make a difference for those in need

We believe that we belong to a bigger community and endeavour to invest and contribute to the lives of those who need it most.

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