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Stage 1


a. Leaving Instructions

  1. Making a will

  2. Making a nomination/ Letter of Attorney (LOA)

  3. Pre-arranging your preferred funeral choices

b. Things To Have On Hand

  1. Your loved one's NRIC

  2. Photo (hardcopy / digital)

  3. One set of clothes for final dress-up (i.e shoes,dentures)

  4. History of medical records / medication

Bereavement Guide

Please find a generic guide to help you understand the overall process of bereavement arrangements.

Call us anytime  and we can personally organise the steps according to your situation

Stage 2


a) Contact your Funeral Director

  1. Your funeral director will assist to organise the next steps and meet your family within about one hour to guide in person

b) Certificate of Cause Of Death -CCOD

  1. The CCOD will be issued by a doctor to certify the cause of death.

  2. The doctor may be from the hospital, hospice, or a house doctor via your funeral director.

  3. Documents needed are:

    1. Doctor's CCOD (refer above)

    2. Next-of-kin's Singpass

  4. CORONOR CASES: Applicable only if doctor is unable to determine the cause of death, the case will be referred to the State Coroner for assessment:

    1. A Coroner’s review will be conducted at the HSA (Health Sciences Authority) mortuary at Blk 9, Singapore General Hospital (SGH) from 9.00 am the next morning

    2. Family is advised to present the deceased's medical records and medicines and to the Police IO (Investigating Officer) the day before to reduce the need for post-mortem

    3. The loved one can usually be collected by noon, upon which the Death Certificate will also be issued.

    4. Autopsy is not required for majority of cases as long as there is sufficient medical histrory to determine the cause of death, and foul play is ruled out.

c) Death Certificate (DC)

  1. Download the digital Death Certificate from My Legacy (

  2. Documents needed are:

    1. Doctor's CCOD (refer above)

    2. Next-of-kin's Singpass

d) Collection of Loved One

  1. For professional care, embalming, dressing & natural make-up to ensure your loved one is most presentable for viewing

e) Funeral Arrangement

  1. Decisions will be made regarding:

    1. Location of wake

    2. Duration of wake

    3. Choice of bereavement package

    4. Obituary placement (by 3pm)

    5. Dissemination of information to family and friends

  2. Decisions to be made on choice of bereavement package:

    1. Interment (burial / cremation)

    2. Package items

    3. Casket

    4. Additional items (i.e refreshments, catering, obituary, parlours)

Stage 3


  1. The wake location will be prepared 1-2 hours before your loved one arrives

  2. Our team will send your loved one to the wake location

  3. Our team will finalise the wake layout and walk through the equipment set-up with you

Stage 4


  1. Attire - Family may wear sombre colours of their preference

  2. Visits - Visitation & paying of respects by relatives & friends

  3. Night Services - Evening memorial or prayer services are held at least on the final night of the wake

Stage 5


a. Cremation

  1. Encoffining | Family members gather at the wake location for a short prayer before encoffining and leaving for Mandai Crematorium (duration: 15 minutes)

  2. Funeral service | Eulogies & final viewing are usually conducted at the service halls of Mandai Crematorium (duration: 30 minutes)

b. Burial

  1. Funeral service | Eulogies & Final viewing are usually conducted at the wake location (Duration: 30-45 minutes)

  2. Grave Side | At the grave side, there will be a short grace - side service (Duration: 15 minutes)