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Burial / Cemetery

Burial provides a tangible and permanent marker to remember and honor the deceased. Graveyards or cemeteries offer a physical space where loved ones can visit and pay their respects.

Feel free to reach out to us on your preferred interment options.

Choa Chu Kang Cemetery

The Nea introduced the Crypt Burial System (CBS) in 2007 with aims to improve the traditional soil burial system and optimise land use. A burial plot in the CBS comes in the form of a concrete crypt without a base. The deceased are buried in these crypts, laid out ingrids to allow for more efficient use of land and make the cemetery plots more accessible to visitors

You may find out more in the following NEA link:


Lawn Cemetery

The lawn cemetery is a mixed religion cemetery with the default Lawn layout.

The lawn cemetery is located within the Christian Cemetery zone as no offerings or incense is allowed to be placed a lawn cemetery,

NEA Burial Fee:

a. Child Under 10 years ($420)

b. Adult, Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident ($940)

c. Adult, Foreigner with Next-of-kin a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident ($1880)

Other burial materials required include temporary slab, charcoal/lime, marble slab, porcelain photo, carpet grass



Tombstone are an addition that can be added to the plot in the respective religious cemeteries such as the Christian or Catholic Cemeteries. Tombstone may not be added in the lawn cemetery.

Tomstone Finishing Fees: $3000 ++

Christian & Catholic Cemetaries have a 25-30 year limit on how long one can have the remains buried there, however a time extension can be applied for.


Choa Chu Kang Cemetery Office

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