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An obituary is a notice of a person's death, typically included in a newspaper. Obituaries may include a brief biography of the deceased, details about funeral or memorial services and sometimes include expressions of condolences from family and friends.

Obituaries play a significant role in sharing the news of someone's passing and honoring their memory, while also serving practical purposes such as providing funeral details and preserving family history.

Options available: English / Chinese


The following details and items are needed:

1.) Preferred size (BW / Colour and choice of background)

2.) Photo

3.) Wake address and funeral details

4.) Name, age and religion of deceased

5.) Family members name (to put in obituary)

6.) Copy of the death cert

Cut off timing

For next day publications, we have to submit the approved artwork and make payment (via bank transfer / PayNow) before 5.00pm.

A draft can be prepared for family to vet through if the details are sent it before 3.00 pm to the editor.

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